Making homework work for you! Incorporating online tools in the blended language classroom

Blended learning, that incorporates face-to-face teaching with technology to meet curriculum goals, is gaining momentum in ELT settings. A key challenge for teachers lies in choosing the most effective online tools to meet their set curriculum goals. This workshop presents successful examples of a blended approach to language learning by demonstrating an innovative homework syllabus delivery and monitoring system in an English for Academic Purposes program at RMIT Vietnam. This syllabus incorporates a range of online homework tasks (e.g. Google Docs, BBC 6-minute English,, etc.) with face-to-face instruction, which minimises teacher preparation time and maximises student exposure to a variety of independent learning options. Presenters will also discuss the underlying principles of blended language learning (Gruba & Hinkelmen, 2012), as they apply to the homework syllabus. They will highlight the benefits to the teacher in preparing an adaptable and reusable online homework syllabus that engages learners, increases autonomy and provides numerous opportunities for feedback on their learning. Participants will view sample syllabus materials, interact with templates, and evaluate materials to consider how they might apply this approach in their own classroom contexts.

Audiences: High School,Administrator

Level: intermediate,advanced

Workshop Session 3
Location: Room G15 Date: March 12, 2016 Time: 2:15 PM - 3:15 PM Gerard Philip Anthony Leonard Adriano Herdman